Toll Information - Mode Of Payment

Mode Of Payment

  • Cash
  • Smart Card / Flexi Pass
  • On Board Unit (OBU) / TAG

Cash Smart Card TAG / On Board Unit
Cash     Smart Card     TAG / On Board Unit
a. Cash
b. Smart Card / Flexi Pass
The card enables users to purchase and store pre-paid values on to the card. During passage at the toll gates, the card is used as a form of payment with the toll fare deducted from the stored value. Users will no longer have to fumble for cash and will enjoy faster throughput at the lanes.
c. On Board Unit (or) TAG

TAG / On Board Unit
The On Board Unit (OBU) or TAG is a gadget mounted behind any vehicle’s windscreen or carried in the glove compartment for use at the appropriate time. Once the vehicle with a valid OBU crosses the toll plaza, the receiver at the canopy will recognise and deduct the exact toll fare from the TAG/OBU automatically. This eliminates the need for the vehicle to stop at the lanes for toll fee payment.
Monthly Pass
The monthly pass is a prepaid card which allows a user to have unlimited passage through the toll for a particular month. The card is limited to usage by the vehicle registered during the purchase and is non-transferable to another vehicle. The pass provides regular users with a fast and convenient method of toll payment.
Application form : Download here
Cancelation form : Download here
Daily Pass (Multiple Trips):
A daily pass can be issued at the toll counter on payment of 1.5 times of the toll fees and the user is allowed to take an unlimited number of trips in 24 hrs. This pass is valid for 24 hrs & is non-transferable to another vehicle.