Toll Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Toll Information

Frequently Asked Questions

The motorist will enjoy direct and congestion-free travel between Delhi & Faridabad on a world-class facility, which will save over 40 minutes of time leading to peace of mind and substantial savings in fuel & vehicle depreciation. It is estimated that the savings in fuel alone will amount to Rs. 19/- per trip for a passenger vehicle and Rs.26/- for a Commercial Vehicle.

Two-wheelers and three-wheelers are not allowed on the elevated road; however, three-wheelers are required to pay commercial entry tax at Delhi Plaza to enter Delhi.

No, the full amount has to be paid on the first trip to avail of the return pass journey ticket.

There are a total of twenty lanes at the Faridabad Toll Plaza & fifteen lanes at Delhi Plaza in both directions.

An OBU and TAG is one and the same device. This On Board Unit (OBU) or “TAG” is fixed in the windshield of a vehicle or carried in the glove compartment, to be used at the appropriate time.
When a vehicle with a valid OBU/TAG approaches an entry toll gate, the TAG receives a request from the transceiver (equipment that is mounted at the top of a toll plaza gantry) and responds by sending back the information such as the registration number and type of the vehicle.
At the exit gates, the same process is repeated and the information is collected by the transceiver which sends it to the Central Processing System, which then calculates the toll amount and forwards the result to the transceiver.
After receiving the information, the transceiver deducts an amount from the balance recorded in the TAG.

Both the Smart Card and TAG are vehicle-specific and not interchangeable or transferable to a third party or another vehicle.

No refund or credit will be extended past the monthly expiry date. The monthly pass will expire on the last day of the calendar month in question.

Users can get the Smart Card / TAG from the POS at the Toll Plaza, Plot no.8, Sarai Chowk, Faridabad (HRY). Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

The documents which need to be submitted with a completed application form are self-certified copies of the following:
Valid vehicle registration certificate
Photo-ID proof, preferably a driving license / pan card/ passport or ID card issued by the current employer
Address proof: Either via water, electricity, phone bill or a pass book or rent / lease agreement.

As yet, it cannot be used at other toll plazas. The Government of India and the NHAI are working with developers to create a fully-integrated solution.

The Flexipass is usable until there is credit available and it can be recharged at any point – there is no limit on how much one can recharge, the Flexipass can be recharged with minimum Rs.500 & in incremental multiple values of Rs.100.

Yes, the Flexipass is also vehicle-specific.

No, the full monthly charge has to be paid irrespective of the day the monthly pass is purchased.

The TAG is installed in the vehicle under the rear-view mirror on the windscreen. The TAG allows users to experience a non-stop drive through the TAG lanes. There will be dedicated lanes on the right side of the toll plazas to aid the faster traffic flow that is using TAGs.
Smart Card users will have to stop and touch their card on the reader in order to proceed past the toll plaza.

Validity & balance will be displayed on the User Fare Display in the lanes under the toll plaza traffic signal.

The Flexi pass is a trip-based pass, which the user can buy for any amount and recharge accordingly when the balance is exhausted the minimum recharge value for Flexi Pass is Rs.500/- & further in incremental multiple values of Rs.100.

The user should get in touch with the DFskyway Customer Care service through the helpline numbers or come directly to our offices during business hours.

The tariffs are fixed by NHAI and our monthly pass scheme is basically a discounted scheme for frequent commuters. So there is no further scope available for discounts.

Fleet owners are not required to fill separate forms for each vehicle but need to submit vehicle details on the company’s letterhead with an original application.

Business hours are from 07:00 am to 11:00 pm except on Sundays & Gazetted holidays.

Yes, a receipt will be provided for all the payments made.

The MCD Lane is a dedicated lane for commercial vehicles for the payment of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi toll tax and toll tariff.

No, all the passes issued by dfskyway are meant only for the payment of dfskyway toll fees. User can pay MCD toll tax in cash or buy separate MCD monthly pass issued by MCD.

Yes. Users can apply for the new Smart Card/ TAG online. However, the user has to visit our Point Of Sales as the TAG (On Board Unit) requires an installation in the vehicle by our trained staff. Furthermore, documentation needs to be checked & verified.

The available payment options to pay the MCD toll tax are cash and MCD monthly pass.

There is no toll payable for usage of ground level roads. Only Commercial Vehicles have to pay MCD Toll tax as per applicable rates while entering Delhi.