About DF SkyWay - Water Neutral Project

About DF Skyway

Water Neutral Project

To minimise the operational impact on the environment during construction of the project, HCC has undertaken initiatives for water recharge, recycling and reuse. A pilot project linked to the UN Water Mandate, this included recharging the water table in the construction area, recycling of water used during construction and rooftop rainwater harvesting. At the project site, this was achieved by using storm water to recharge the underground water table under the elevated carriage way. There were recharge wells at 18 locations to divert rainwater to the groundwater table through an appropriate mechanism. This process has helped to save 57 million litres of water.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting:
Being a flat surface, the roof is capable of collecting a comparatively larger volume of water. In the Mirzapur casting yard, the rooftop rainwater harvesting system was implemented. In this process, rainwater was driven into the gutter provided at the edge of the roof. The water flowed through the gutter into a filtration system and the filtered water was then discharged into a live bore well to maintain the level of the groundwater table.

Recycling of Used Water:
An ample volume of water was being used to cure the pre-cast segments. After curing the segments, the water flowed into the drain. A collection sump was provided adjacent to the drain and connected to it. The water flowed through the drain, collected in the sump and using the submersible pump, the water was again used to cure segments.